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You may start to feel all kinds of extraordinary.
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Still, with the Sun, Venus and two eclipses in the most hidden angle of your chart, private pressures will distract you—until the Sun enters Leo near the 23rd. July promises to end on a revelatory note. July The full Moon of the 16th will light up your work angle, so apply yourself. Others may prove difficult to satisfy between the 17th and 21st, and various situations appear to become a bit charged.


Close relationships will also be a bit fraught—but more positive energy occurring near the 24th should smooth out the wrinkles. Stay on course. In July, aggressive Mars's entrance into a behind-the-scenes angle of your chart warns you to restrain yourself, and to focus on mending bonds and creating more harmonious relationships—especially with competitive peers. The two eclipses happening this month keep the compass spinning, but you will sense that the wind is at your back as July draws to a close.

July The full Moon of the 16th accents social events and group endeavors but with Venus—the planet of love and connection—under siege between the 17th and 21st, everyone will be overreacting to imagined slights, including you. So, try to treat friends and loved ones with tender care.

After the 23rd, it's time to indulge in a bit of self-pampering. July is full of peaks and valleys, and with Mercury going out of phase all month, friends and associates seem a bit distracted and inconsistent. Remain as objective as possible and true to yourself. As the month winds down, you will emerge with a new definition of what success means to you, and your popularity will be on the rise.

July The full Moon of the 16th brings everyone's emotions to the surface, and also draws your attention to family and domestic matters. And with your ruling planet Venus under attack by Saturn on the 17th and Pluto on the 21st, you'll be feeling hyper-sensitive and vulnerable. Happily, the planetary weather shifts abruptly by the 25th, when your spirits will shoot right up. In July, Mars in Leo revs up your desire to win, but changeable situations going on around you present you with numerous challenges.

You can be sure, though, that you'll not only handle them, but will but triumph over the odds, as the planets will be shifting in your favor when July comes to a close.

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July The 16th is the day to do some problem-solving, but between the 17th and 21st, you should make an effort to be objective and cool-headed, or you're likely to find yourself entangled in fraught conversations and situations. Happily, the conjunction of Venus and Mercury at the top of your chart on the 25th augurs personal and professional breakthroughs.


In July, a continued accent on financial fact-facing urges you to alter various arrangements, while simultaneously coping with unpredictable events. Two eclipses this month indicate that conditions are unusually volatile, but once the Sun enters Leo by the 23rd, new understandings can be forged, and harmony prevails. July The full Moon of the 16th falls in the very practical sign of Capricorn, and grim facts are likely to rear their heads between the 17th and 20th. But being an optimistic Sagittarius, your ability to look on the bright side will guide you true.

In fact, news arriving near the 24th should put a new spin on worrisome or fraught situations. Two eclipses occurring in July make for volatile emotional weather; and with Mercury out of phase, it's time to scrutinize the underpinnings of various arrangements. Whatever occurs in close business and personal relationships promises to shift your perspective, and you'll be seeing everything in a new light by month's end.

July The period between the 16th and 20th will provide you with an opportunity to get to the bottom of long-standing issues in key relationships.

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The caveat is that you must make a strong effort to tune into others' concerns, rather than get defensive. New understandings will be forged near the 25th, and you will be embarking on a fresh path. In July, feisty Mars will tend to bring various interpersonal issues to a head, and two eclipses will contribute to the general mayhem. The prince also spoke at length about his passion for saving endangered species and the fight against poachers in Africa.

Within the issue, the royal also shared that his first trip to the continent occurred just after the death of his mother, Princess Diana , in I have this intense sense of complete relaxation and normality here.

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Town and country mag horoscopes compatibility

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