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Get ready for a whole new energy—calmer, steadier and more certain. Your December horoscope Guest astrologer and wellness alchemist, Stephanie Gailing, MS, shares her wisdom for staying healthy during Jupiter, the planet of expansion, changes signs once a year. Ready for calculated risks and Your holiday gratitude is anchored in tradition this year, but it could be served with The sun graces this worldly and expansive sign Emerge from the depths and clear away confusion!

Messenger planet Mercury snaps out of a Daily Horoscopes: December 3, Daily Horoscopes: December 2, Daily Horoscopes: November December 1, If you have had an astrology reading , you will know how different planets affect your life and the roles they play.

Free AstroStyle Horoscopes By the Astro Twins

You can use the above information to find out what their current alignments are and affects should be. The details provided in the 'Almanac' can help you to time events in your life so that you initiate all new plans during auspicious periods, hence bringing fruitful results. If you have had an astrology report , you will know what are periods are auspicious for you.

The only problem is to make careful changes and don't only be attracted by the added income. A chance to grow and provide more for your future should also be considered. Job matters look good! Best Days:6,7,15,16,24, Most Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,21,28, Virgo: Get rid of the shyness and put on your social face!

Your social attitude changes about going out and meeting new people.

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If you've been shy in the past, get over it and expect to receive one invite after another. It's your time to shine! Most Stressful Days:3,4,5,11,12,24,25, Libra: Relationships with your family members get a major improvement. That one difficult person you've been trying to keep the peace with suddenly starts to take effect. And if for some reason you decide that the moment to consider new living situation has come, Jupiter opens ways to make it happen!

Most Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,26, Scorpio: You'll feel more willing to spend quality time with family members once 'expansion' planet Jupiter actives your 'communication' sector. The bonds of love are stronger. Best Days: 3,4,5,13,14, 21,22, Most Stressful Days: 1,2,8,9,15,16,28, Sagittarius: Don't fret Sag! Oh yes…your cycle for abundance has been pushed up a few notches and getting more financial gains are in store for you.

Plan for future career moves in the new year and use your time wisely. Most Stressful Days: 3,4,5,11,12,17,18, Capricorn: Wow! You begin a cycle of prosperity for the next 12 months. You've been on a difficult path and now situations are changing for the better as you start to feel a lot lighter and more energized…yay! Expect negative or stagnant matters to shift and improve. You've paid your dues and you get back positive results!

Most Stressful Days: 6,7,13,14,19, Aquarius: A deeper sense of spirituality embraces you.

Getting closer to Divine forces with meditation and prayer increases the joy factor in your life. With 'inspirational' planet Jupiter in your house of 'privacy' you'll have great comfort spending quiet time alone in thought, prayer and meditation.

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Your intuitive is rewarded with greater awareness and accuracy. Best Days: 1,2,11,12,19,20, Most Stressful Days: 8,9,15,16, 21, Pisces: Who says you have to be friends with those who are not sure of? Are you afraid that your intuition is not accurate and you might be making a mistake about their feelings towards you? Trust and believe that anything you've been thinking about a certain person is true…you might need better friends! Best Days: 3,4,5,13,14,21,22, Schedule a reading to find out how Jupiter in Capricorn will personally influence you Aries: Your communication needs are hampered by those not ready to deal with the truth.

In spite of individuals trying to ignore your conversations you will have a few chances to speak your mind. No longer are you responsible for the happiness of those who care nothing for your happiness. Taurus: Your financial situations might not be as gainful as you'd like. A closer study of your buying habits bring to light what is quietly happening with your money. Wishing and hoping for more resources is great for positive thinking, but you'll have to put hard work behind your intentions or you'll end up looking at an empty wallet with regrets.

Action is needed!